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Wednesday May 8, 2013 Form rejection from Daily Science Fiction for "All You've Ever Dreamed Of."


"Thank you for submitting your story, 'All You've Ever Dreamed OF', to Daily Science Fiction. Unfortunately, we have decided not to publish it. To date, we have reviewed many strong stories that we did not take. Either the fit was wrong or we'd just taken tales with a similar theme or any of a half dozen other reasons.

"Best success selling this story elsewhere.

"- Jonathan & Michele, Daily Science Fiction"

***Corrections to May 7th:
From dreamshark on LiveJournal: "The term 'caucus' is only used at the precinct level. After that, it's conventions all the way up. That has always been the case as far as I'm aware."

City Council endorsement: There was no endorsement. But a resolution was passed saying that, if both the DFL and the Green Party didn't have rules against cross-endorsements, the Ward convention would endorse incumbemt Cam Gordon (Green.) This workaround amuses me.

***Comment for Idea Fairy on LiveJournal: "'Achieving gender balance with one Chair would be an interesting problem.

"But it isn't impossible. See"

***Spot what's wrong with this movie ad:

"Friends and family spend more time with technology than with you?


"Snap a picture of them caught in the act and share on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram using the hashtag #DISCONNECT"
Tuesday April 10, 2013 Some fantasy stories have humans who turn into wolves. A smaller number have wolves who turn into humans. But so far, I've never seen a story with both.

Monday night, I realized that I'm going to write one. Not for a while, though.

***To Waite House. Saw a presentation on eating healthily; and on growing your own food. Pitch for a local coalition which can provide organic seeds and plants. Unkind things said about big agricultural suppliers; particularly one known to some as Monsatan or Monsatano.

Then the twice-monthly produce distribution.

Then, picked up this month's NAPS (Nutritional Assistance Program for Seniors) box. Which required my annual recertification.

There was stuff I didn't want. I set it out for other people to take.