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Thursday October 3, 2013 Downloaded the final volume of the Child Ballads from Project Gutenberg.

"O haud awa' frae me," she says,
"I pray ye lat me be;
I winna gang into your bed,
Till ye dress me dishes three:
Dishes three ye maun dress to me,
Gin I should eat them a',
Afore that I lie in your bed,
Either at stock or wa'.

"Its ye maun get to my supper
A cherry without a stane;
And ye maun get to my supper
A chicken without a bane;
And ye maun get to my supper
A bird without a ga';
Or I winna lie in your bed,
Either at stock or wa'."

"Its whan the cherry is in the flirry,
I'm sure it has nae stane;
And whan the chicken's in the egg,
I'm sure it has nae bane;
And sin the flood o' Noah,
The dow she had nae ga';
Sae we'll baith lie in ae bed,
And ye'se lie neist the wa'."
Captain Wedderburn's Courtship

***Adult Children Anonymous meeting.

***Synaesthesia and Sexuality: The influence of synaesthetic perceptions on sexual experience
Friday August 16, 2013 The New York Times has a culinary report from Montana, where meat slaughtered in a most unkosher manner is more legal than it had been.

Deliberately running down deer for eating has not been legalized. And human roadkill doesn't seem to be discussed.

Iranian politician Nina Siakhali Moradi had her city council election overturned by religious conservatives, who barred her from office for being too pretty, Iran Wire reports.

"Anthony Weiner may be lagging in the race for New York City mayor, but he is winning in another area -- hot dog marketing," ABC News reports.

"The delicious combination of Anthony Weiner's name and his sexually suggestive Twitter antics were apparently too good to pass up for one Florida marketing man, who has joined forces with an Illinois hot dog company to create a hot dog brand called Carlos Danger Weiners, which he has incorporated into the company Carlos Danger LLC."

***From Twitter: ‏@pollster
HUFFPOLLSTER: Can Twitter Predict Elections? Not So Fast

Mickey McCauley ‏@Mickey_McCauley
Somehow people who ask what you'll do in the zombie apocalypse get annoyed when you say you'll ride your Pegasus to safety
Retweeted by Ray Radlein

inhabitat ‏@inhabitat
The world's first "Pestaurant" is serving up chocolate-dipped ants and salty crickets in London!

[Note: Deer, pegasi, and most insects are not kosher.]
Sunday July 21, 2013 To the Uptown Lunds supermarket for the MinnSpec meeting. (Minnesota Speculative Fiction Writers)

Seen from the bus: "S&M Mojito. Violates _all_ boundaries." Chino Latino restaurant billboard.

On the store's magazine rack, a number of mags with cover articles on how to have better sex. Maxim deserves some kind of prize for "Outdoor Sex What we can learn from the squirrels."

***"Will Alexander was the surprise winner in 2012 of the National Book Award for Goblin Secrets, his first novel. Since then, his second book has come out, and he has a third one underway. It was not all instantaneous glory, though. Goblin Secrets had to overcome an initially rocky literary debut before becoming a best seller. Want to hear more? Come, and meet this charming local author who spins delightfully odd tales of puppets, masks and goblin theater troupes.
Recorded at"

***From Twitter:
Andrew Kaczynski ‏@BuzzFeedAndrew
Feeling a bit fatigued lately went to Google to search my symptoms. It turns out I'm pregnant.