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Wednesday November 13, 2013 Minnesota Daily story on the Hawaii legislature passing a bill legalizing same-sex marriage: "Sen. Sam Slon...said the government should stay out of legislating marriage.

"'People have differences, and you can't legislate morality. You can try, but you can't do it' ...."

I see an inconsistency there.

***To Waite House for NAPS (Nutritional Assistance for Seniors) food.

And for the twice-monthly produce distribution. Abundant apples, radishes, and cabbage available.

***Southeast Como neighborhood organization Annual Meeting at Van Cleve Park. Attendance was light. And only three or four were college age, in a neighborhood where 52 percent of the population is 18 to 24.

In fiction, political meetings are usually exciting. In real life? File that trope with "War is fun."

***Comments from: Bonnie Randall Schutzman 11/13: "I think in images and sounds, but there's also usually a word-based narrative going on."

tickertape synesthesia

Carole Zastera Michels 11/13 "Words for me. I asked a friend in Germany which language he thought in, and he said he didn't think in a language."

Carol Kennedy 11/13 "In something like patterns, but as I have said before, if one doesn't think in words, it's very hard to describe in words how one thinks!"

John Shannonhouse 11/13 "I think in processes."

Lee Gold 11/13 "Words
"Memory flashbacks (embedded experiences, which includes all senses)"

***From Twitter:

Jeff Noon ‏@jeffnoon My dead wife often speaks clearly: “In two miles turn left.” Other times her voice is garbled, fuzzy with static. The car veers on the road.

Jesse Sheidlower ‏@jessesheidlower Reading Dictionary of Old English online; Chrome asks, "This page is in Malay. Would you like to translate it?" Hmm.

PLOS ONE ‏@PLOSONE Stone-Tipped Spears Predate Existence of Humans … via @Discovery_News
[More precisely, they predate our species of human.]

Wonkette ‏@Wonkette Help Us Keep Our Day Drinking Sexy And Discreet With This Bra That Holds Wine -