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Deep-fried Sashimi 10/05/13 Dan Goodman, 1720 Como Ave SE, Minneapolis, MN 55414. dsgood at or at 612-298-2354

Saturday October 5, 2013 It’s clear that Bryce was conceived in Dallas. But Jocelyn and Paige were conceived in New York City (in the borough of Manhattan). However, neither of those place names seemed to work as baby names, so Ron and Cheryl [Howard] went with the name of the swanky hotel where the twins were conceived: The Carlyle. Using that logic, Reed’s middle name should have been Volvo, but that car brand didn’t work as a baby name either, so the Howards went with the name of the quiet street on which the Volvo was parked in Greenwich, Connecticut: Cross Street. (If you’ve never heard of that "celebrity lovers’ lane" before, you’re not alone.)

Via tweet from Bruce Lansky.

Note: Subscribing to baby name Twitter accounts got me suggestions of pregnancy and baby supplies accounts.

***From Twitter:
wwwtxt (1988–94) ‏@wwwtxt
If the Apple II ever dies, I'd be really surprised. Nearly one out of every ten Apple computers in the world is a IIgs. 89MAR

Future Crimes ‏@FutureCrimes
“@mbgrinberg: Predictive Policing: The Role of Crime Forecasting in LE Operations … via @RANDCorporation
Friday July 5, 2013. Realized that my synesthesias include feeling "auras." Not for everyone. And the perceptions aren't always reliable -- some people I feel as asexual are sexual addicts, and others are sanely enthusiastic about sex. ["Auras" in quotes because I'm a non-mystic.]

***Comment I made in the Speculative Writers Community on Google+:
For the nearish future in the US, there will be mostly names common now; mixed with new names, revived old names, and who-knows. Some common names might become unpopular -- like Adolf. Some names now male will become female, as happened to Beverly and Shirley.

Later, the mix will change. A thousand years from now, the mix will be noticeably different. Five thousand years, really different.

For information on names, I recommend:
The American Name Society
The Jewish Genealogical Society

***From Google News:
"Wall Street Journal
Poll: Parents Still Don't Want Children Going Into Politics

"Don't send my boy to Congress,"
The weeping mother said.
"Don't make him run for office,
"I'd rather see him dead."

***Paul Krugman - New York Times Blog
July 5, 2013,
Crib Sheet: How I Work (Self-indulgent)

Charlie Stross — who is, sad to say, my favorite living science-fiction author now that Iain Banks has died — has been writing a series of “crib sheets” on his blog: explanations of how his various novels came to be written. (Have I mentioned that Neptune’s Brood — which is, among other things, about interstellar monetary economics — is one of his best yet?) I, at least, find this kind of thing fascinating....

***From Twitter:
Mark Ames ‏@MarkAmesExiled
Speaking of secrecy, I'd forgotten that Assange made WikiLeaks members sign non-disclosure secrecy contract
Retweeted by Matt Novak

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