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Monday September 2, 2013 Labor Day

I've been looking through the stuff thrown out by U of M students moving out. Today, got into conversation with a woman from outside the neighborhood. The stuff she didn't want to keep, she would donate for her church's sale.

I asked what church that was.

"Holy Cable."

Not a very traditional name for a church, I observed.

"It's not a very traditional church."

***The lone contrivance in my first book, “Faces of the Gone,” was that I had the protagonist dating the city editor, a hot brunette — and any journalist could tell you there has never been a hot city editor, male or female, in newspaper history.

Tuesday September 2, 2013 Idea: Rural American werewolves known to their neighbors, and more or less getting along with them. If they didn't attack humans or domestic animals, people wouldn't be too concerned about them hunting game.

They wouldn't be entirely respectable, of course.

***The Minnesota Daily (U of M student paper) is being published again. I wish it was actually published daily, all year around. I consider it a better paper than the Star Tribune and the Pioneer Press; and it's a good source of news about the area where I now live.

***Shopped at the Wedge Coop.

***From Twitter:

Dan Goodman ‏@dsgood
"Before you go to 1957, you should research the 50s." "They had computers. I'll just google what I need when I'm there." #TemporalTuesday

Next City ‏@NextCityOrg
New on Forefront: #Gentrification reaches NYC's projects. (Subscribe at 15% off. Code: BACK2SCHOOL)

R.L. Ripples ‏@TweetsofOld
An Ohio judge has ruled that a pretzel is not a dangerous weapon. IA1910
[When pretzels are outlawed, only outlaws will have pretzels.]

Tim O'Reilly ‏@timoreilly
RT @beccarosen: Could the unique pattern of your heartbeat replace your passwords? … (via @mearabai)