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Thursday August 14, 2014. Adult Children Anonymous -- got my eight-year medallion.

***On the bus home, a large group which included some with cat whiskers painted on their faces boarded. Turned out they were returning from the International Cat Video Festival.

***The August issue of Chess Life has an article on Fritz Leiber's chess-related sf and fantasy stories.

***Friday August 15, 2014. I usually wish the classical music announcers on KSJN talked much, much less. However, this was Leon Theremin's birthday. Turns out he was a Soviet spy, along with his other work.

***Saturday August 16, 2014. Mnstf (Twin Cities sf club) meeting at Scott and Irene Rauns. Good meeting.

***Sunday August 17, 2014. Reread Melissa Scott's Conceiving the Heavens -- a book on writing science fiction, published in 1999. Included was a bit of speculation about electronic currency. I suspect Ms. Scott didn't expect it to arrive just ten years later.

***MinnSpec (Minnesota Speculative Fiction Writers) meeting at the Uptown Lunds supermarket. Topic: Emotional Manipulation of the Reader. I suspect the topics brought up could be used for at least six panel discussions.

I brought the (not(yet?)) official MinnSpec Library for its first outing. The library was, so far, six books on writing which I hadn't read in a while. One got taken out.

***Wednesday August 20, 2014. Birthday of H. P. Lovecraft and Jacqueline Susann.
Wednesday October 9, 2013 To Waite House for NAPS and produce distribution.

***The Geek Partnership Society (currently the major sf/fantasy fandom(s) group in the Twin Cities Metro) is now on Meetup.


Headline of the Day
"IRS Official Says She Never Consorted With the Devil"
-- Associated Press, October 9, 2013.

***From Publishers Lunch (free email from Publishers Marketplace):
Book deal: "NYT bestselling author of WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE'S STAR WARS Ian Doescher's THE EMPIRE STRIKETH BACK and THE JEDI DOTH RETURN, completing the original Star Wars trilogy in iambic pentameter"

***From Twitter:

MarkMillerITPro ‏@MarkMillerITPro
I hate it when I use the wrong word in my status and people just consume that I am stupid. Jeanette Breedt #quote

Julieanne Smolinski ‏@BoobsRadley
I think more credit for the baby boom should go to food in the 1950s. Jello salad, or sex with just about anyone? You know what you'd pick.

Petteri Tarkkonen ‏@ptarkkonen
"Just because nobody complains doesn't mean all parachutes are perfect." -Benny Hill #business

Gates Foundation ‏@gatesfoundation
More than 2/3 in Kenya use mobile money. MT @BillGates: There are only 10 ATMs for every 100K adults in #Kenya.
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