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Jul. 24th, 2013

Belated Happy Birthday, oyceter!
Saturday July 20, 2013

"Josephson asserts that the claim to Shinto's secular status was based on over a hundred years of discourse on science introduced slowly but convincingly from the Western nations, which later came to be reconstructed and reinterpreted by a Japanese intellectual movement with strong nativist and proto-nationalist proclivities. To make his long argument short, this intellectual movement repeatedly made the assertion that the empirically verifiable, publicly reproducible results of Western science, which were originally inspired by and equally identifiable through Japanese classical sources, depended on the power of Japanese _kami_, that is, Shinto. However, at this time in the early eighteenth century, the modern Christian-determined concept of religion had yet to reach Japan. Moreover, secularized Western scientific discoveries and procedures, intentionally stripped of Christian influence by government decree, were becoming well known in educated circles in early modern Japan."

Citation: Wilburn Hansen. Review of Josephson, Jason AÌ„nanda [?], _The Invention of Religion in Japan_. H-Shukyo, H-Net Reviews. July, 2013.
Sunday July 21, 2013 To the Uptown Lunds supermarket for the MinnSpec meeting. (Minnesota Speculative Fiction Writers)

Seen from the bus: "S&M Mojito. Violates _all_ boundaries." Chino Latino restaurant billboard.

On the store's magazine rack, a number of mags with cover articles on how to have better sex. Maxim deserves some kind of prize for "Outdoor Sex What we can learn from the squirrels."

***"Will Alexander was the surprise winner in 2012 of the National Book Award for Goblin Secrets, his first novel. Since then, his second book has come out, and he has a third one underway. It was not all instantaneous glory, though. Goblin Secrets had to overcome an initially rocky literary debut before becoming a best seller. Want to hear more? Come, and meet this charming local author who spins delightfully odd tales of puppets, masks and goblin theater troupes.
Recorded at"

***From Twitter:
Andrew Kaczynski ‏@BuzzFeedAndrew
Feeling a bit fatigued lately went to Google to search my symptoms. It turns out I'm pregnant.