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Jun. 9th, 2015

Thursday May 28, 2015 Recommended fantasy story: Yoon Ha Lee, "Two to Leave"

***Fred Lerner: Dan,

I've often wondered what would happen if one of the states adopted a parliamentary system. So far as I can see there's nothing in the U.S. Constitution to prevent a state from doing this.

[So far, the most radical experiment is Nebraska's unicameral legislature.]

***Lee Gold: On 5/28/2015 3:58 PM, Daniel S. Goodman wrote:
Monday May 4, 2015 One of the other two tenants left, absentmindedly taking the other's car.

How did he get the key?

[Car owner was too trusting to bolt his door while he slept.]

***Thursday May 7, 2015 National Day of Prayer, proclaimed by the President. Free story idea: What happens if the US ever has an openly agnostic or atheist President? The tradition would probably continue.

If you check out you'll find that #27 Taft was Unitarian and -- Before becoming president, Taft was offered the presidency of Yale University, at that time affiliated with the Congregationalist Church; Taft turned the post down, saying, "I do not believe in the divinity of Christ." On the other hand he apparently wasn't an atheist. It might be worth researching this.

***Adult Children Anonymous meeting. This night's talk was on Step Two.

I consider my higher power to be myself as the best I could be.