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[personal profile] dsgood
***Monday May 4, 2015 One of the other two tenants left, absentmindedly taking the other's car.

***Tuesday May 5, 2015 The bad tenant was back, not bringing the car.

I think this was when I began to feel I was in a soap opera. Without the sex.

***Wednesday May 6, 2015 NYTimes opinion piece on Catholicism had 666 online comments when I looked at it.

***Freelancers Union event: "Branding Yourself as an Expert."

***Thursday May 7, 2015 National Day of Prayer, proclaimed by the President. Free story idea: What happens if the US ever has an openly agnostic or atheist President? The tradition would probably continue.

***UK elections. Whenever I begin thinking the US would be better off with a parliamentary system, either the UK or Canada will helpfully prove this wrong.

***Linden Hills Adult Children Anonymous meeting.

***Sunday May 10, 2015 "The United States could relearn a thing or two from British politics -- specifically, how to relocate the pragmatism that once prevailed on this side of the pond." Subheading of opinion piece in the Star Tribune (Minneapolis daily paper.) The continuation is headlined "Polarization is less present in British politics." Author? "Lawrence R. Jacobs is director of the Center for the Study of Politics and Governance at the University of Minnesota's Humphrey School of Public Affairs."

Date: 2015-05-29 00:18 (UTC)
thnidu: Discworld Death. Text: YES, I KNOW WHO YOU WERE... (DEATH)
From: [personal profile] thnidu
«***Wednesday May 6, 2015 NYTimes opinion piece on Catholicism had 666 online comments when I looked at it.»

When I lived in Massachusetts, my phone number was, no shit, 508 877-6666. My kosher butcher said, "One of my other customers also has a phone number ending in 6666. I'll bet when you moved in, somebody at the phone company looked at your last name and said 'That looks Jewish. Maybe they won't scream and rant about "6666".'"

For a while I had a real pain-in-the-ass caller, a teenage-sounding boy who would call up and ask "Is Satan there?" Eventually I called the phone company, who set up a trace... but then they said they couldn't get the number from it because he was calling from a different area. WTF? The phone company can't trace past their own boundaries? They just gave me the usual advice, "Don't say anything, just hang up."

Well, for a few more weeks I kept taking it, but it bugged me more and more. (Bugs... six legs... 666... sick, sick, sick...) Finally one time this dick called, I'd had enough. Unpremeditated, I dropped to a low, growly, evil voice — I did lots of voice-acting reading Lord of the Rings to my kids and playing D&D with them — and answered


Then I hung up the phone.

And I never heard from the sonofabitch again.