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Saturday November 15 (more) to Sunday November 23, 2014

Saturday 11/15/14: Forgot to include: Reading by Jason D. Wittman at DreamHaven Books.

I won a prize: a DVD of Planet of the Cats and Revenge of the Mice. Err, Cat People and Curse of the Cat People.

***Thursday 11/20/14 From Lee Gold: "Sunday 11/16/14. World and Future Building MinnSpec meetup at Black: Coffee and Waffles. It worked well, despite my poor planning. (I thought Black would be uncrowded on Sunday. Figured about 5 people would attend, and there were about 13. Acoustics rather less favorable than I realized.)

"It devolved into several conversation groups.

"Note: Black has black coffee, but doesn't seem to have black waffles."

Blackberry syrup? (I may suggest that, but it's only a partial fix.)

"Wednesday 11/19/14. -'Cold Weather Hits All of US,'- Star Tribune story listing, front page.

"So, how well did Honolulu do at snow removal?"

Los Angeles didn't have any snow either.
Or any special cold weather last night.

***Friday 11/21/14: Outdoor Adventure Expo at Midwest Mountaineering. Earned one raffle ticket, entered one prize drawing. Picked up swag, including a device originally designed for cleaning horses' hooves and repurposed for cleaning camping footwear and other equipment.

At a sled dog table, petted a puppy not old enough to pull a sled (nine weeks.) At the "adopt a Siberian Husky" booth, petted a full-grown husky.

***Sunday 11/23/14: Back to the Expo. Attended presentation on Croatia and Slovenia, by someone who conducts tours there. I visited Croatia, back when it was part of Yugoslavia. The presenter's taste was somewhat different from mine. (Not unexpected; he warned the audience about taste differences when he began speaking and showing slides.)

***Bought an exercise device: a thick rubber ring meant for developing hand, finger, and forearm strength and for stress relief.