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Saturday October 26, 2013 In Dinkytown, a musical group was performing on the sidewalk. Turned out to be a missionary group.

Their literature included a listing of U of MN area churches. (Actually, only Minneapolis Campus ones.) Not nearly a complete list; only the theologically correct ones. Which did not include Catholic or Lutheran churches. And except for one Baptist church, none whose names identified them as belonging to any mainstream Protestant denomination.

***At Southeast Library, I returned books and picked up books being held.

***Comments of comment:
thnidu, 10/25, on LiveJournal: "How about Unitarians?" Not mentioned. I think it's unlikely the Orthodox churches would consider Unitarian Universalists to be Christians.

Don Fitch, 10/26, on LiveJournal: "I'm not sure about the ins and outs of Church Politics, and don't know much more about the Greek churches than I've picked up by way of some years of attending the annual Festivals at St. Nectarios', here in Covina, but my impression is that the operative word is not 'Greek', but 'Orthodox'. I suppose a certain number of Greek immigrants adopted 'American-sounding' family names, either originally or in the course of time, but some members of the congregation are likely to be Armenian, Russian, Serbian, and possibly Coptic or Anglo-Catholic, depending (I think) on how the various local Bishoprics stand on inter-Communion & ecumenism."

Some of the non-Greek names are Scandinavian and German. My guess: in most cases, the wife took the husband's name and the husband the wife's religion.

There are Armenian, Russian, Ukrainian, Romanian, and Serbian Orthodox churches in the Twin Cities area. And The Orthodox Church in North America.

"(I have no knowledge whatsoever, but sometimes indulge in fascinated speculation on the possible involvement of the Maronite Church here -- it's one of the Patriarchies of the Eastern Rite/Orthodox Church(), but has long had a close relationship with (and under) the Bishop of Rome.)"

Minneapolis has Maronite, Byzantine, and Ukrainian Catholic churches.

The Liberal Catholic Church of St. Francis is descended from a group which split off because it found some of Vatican I's results unbearable.

PROFILE: Alpha blocker notably effective against Pre-Traumatic Stress Disorder
BANNED BECAUSE: Banned on request of DARPA, who are trying to use epidemiology of Pre-Traumatic Stress Disorder to predict the course of future conflicts. Lobbying to overturn ban by “Future Veterans of the Pakistani War” thus far ineffective.

***From Twitter:

Mental Floss ‏@mental_floss In the 1890s, the University of Nebraska football team was called the Bugeaters.
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